B-Chroma: the stained side of Bardobec

Cedar Mulch

Your sales partner

Bardobec's team would be proud to be your sales partner. We do everything possible to guarantee you products of the highest quality, which meet your needs and your expectations. Our distributor relationships are built on trust, because at Bardobec we are committed to long-term partnerships.

We are also committed to supplying you with a production volume that is high enough to meet the demand for our various products. We can adjust rapidly to last-minute changes, which is undoubtedly one of our biggest strengths. We are always on hand to answer your questions, to follow up on your orders and to meet your special requests.

Bardobec only manufactures products, which are 100% environmentally friendly and come from a complete recovery of the raw materials used. We fully support reforestation programs and clearcutting restrictions and are also keen to take part in the protection of our forests. Doing business with us means that you see our forests as a valuable natural resource that it is our duty to protect.

We at Bardobec believe in the optimal use of our technological and human resources. This means that we take pride in meeting the specific needs of our distributors, while always complying fully with environmental norms and contributing to the economy of the region.

Customer offer summary:
  • We are always available for our customers.
  • We supply products of only the highest quality.
  • We have a production capacity that will meet your demands.
  • We respect your order requirements in full (quantities and delivery deadlines).
  • We can rapidly adjust to changes and unforeseen circumstances.
  • We can handle special requests.

We can promise you all this and more, together with a constant concern for the protection of the environment.

In short, if you are looking for a partner you can trust, whose expertise in the manufacture of high-quality and competitively priced cedar shingles and cedar mulch is unrivalled, then get in touch with Bardobec!