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Cedar Shingles

Advantages and benefits

We at Bardobec are committed to manufacturing top quality cedar shingles at a most competitive price. This is made possible thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, which also mean that we are able to fully meet the ever-increasing demands of our distributors.

Bardobec's cedar shingles are recognized as being very resistant and highly durable. They offer natural insulation properties, have excellent acoustic qualities, keep buildings cool and add a distinctive touch of style. They are increasingly sought after in Western Canada and the United States for their extreme resistance to inclement weather in all seasons. Cedar shingles are appreciated by homeowners and business people alike.

A few advantages of cedar shingles:

  • They are durable (they don't rot)
  • They are very attractive
  • They have excellent acoustic qualities
  • They are effective insulators
  • They keep your building cool
  • They are highly resistant to inclement weather

Because the advantages of cedar shingles surpass those of other building materials, they have become the natural choice for many consumers.

Whatever products you wish to distribute, Bardobec will always be able to fulfil your demands. Our distributors appreciate just how committed our whole team is to meeting delivery deadlines and supplying volume as ordered.

Distributors: let us know what you want. Our experience is your guarantee of satisfaction!